The October 2017 wildfires brought unprecedented loss to Sonoma County. As a community we have responded with many stories of extraordinary courage, unquenchable hope, and great resilience. Today, as we reflect upon this part of our community’s history, we celebrate the great progress that so many have made towards a full recovery, and we stand in solidarity with the many who continue to work tirelessly towards their own recovery. We honor the memory of the 44 people who lost their lives, and our hearts are with their family and friends as they continue to heal. As we reflect on the events of October 2017 let’s take an extra moment today to connect with those we care about and be aware that the anniversary of this disaster may create challenging feelings and memories. ROC Sonoma County exists to help individuals and households recover from the events that happened two years ago today. We are strong because of the sacrificial and collaborative work of many great community organizations who are committed to the long-term recovery of our community. If you or someone you know is still in need of help please do not hesitate to reach out to ROC Sonoma County at 707-535-3349 or visit www.rocsonomacounty.org.

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